Building a Sustainable Future

During more than 50 years, we have worked closely with shareholders of the industry so as to make possible projects of sustainable constructions and successful ones.

With our projects, the buildings obtain a higher durability and require less resources for their preservation. A higher efficiency energy so as to protect the environment.

  • Liquid compounds so as to cure the concrete, fabricated with synthetic resin vehicleized in oil solvents, of quick dry, so as to accomplish the requirements of the norms IRAM 1675 and ASTM C-309 for chemical compounds of concrete cure.



It is used to cure all types of concrete surface or mortar. Horizontal or vertical, smooth or rough, in interior or exterior:

  • Concrete floor simple of assembled.
  • In the project of concrete impervious, durable, salt resistant and other chemical aggressions.
  • Cure of the grout applications in the base of installations (industrials, civils, etc.)
  • Concrete floors treated with surface hardeners.
  • Concrete floors treated with surface hardeners.
  • Floor leveling layers, recuperation of floor. Its concrete in warm and dry weather.
  • When its concrete a floor at low temperatures, and the surface below 4 degrees
  • Sella la superficie y disminuye la velocidad de evaporación del agua del hormigón colocado.
  • Once its apply, it forms layers really fast, by its effects in works immediately from the beginning.
  • It forms layer even at low temperatures, inclusive below 0 degrees.

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